Little Water Distillery in Atlantic City, NJ

The KAYO team really crushed the video production project for us. We wanted to create a marketing piece we could share through our various social media channels that captured the authenticity of our tour and tasting experience and while keeping our products out in front- something rich and engaging and with a slightly urban feel. What they delivered was spot on. But really important for us, since weren’t stopping production is that their process was unobtrusive, they made great use of the space without having to disrupt it, they communicated well throughout the process and got it done quickly. We were completely happy with the experience from start to finish.
— Mark Ganter- owner of Little Water Distillery in Atlantic City, NJ.
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Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall

Hayday Coffee Shop


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KAYO Production is the way to go. Watch a couple of the videos and you can see the expertise in which they’ve been shot. I’ve been to these establishments and the essence of each is captured perfectly. Our video is for Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall. I love the way the video draws you in. The quick shots that seem to linger are a joy to behold. The framing of people and tracking of the room is exquisite. We were watching our video within just 5 days! We could not be more thrilled with the experience, nor could we ask for better quality. If you love your business, consider getting it the coverage it deserves.
— Kip Russel- manager of Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall in Atlantic City, NJ

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